Monday, August 26, 2013

Salad Swap 2013

I am hoping to start a tradition. Last year was the first Salad Swap. It's fabulous, fun, and efficient! the concept: Each guest brings a HUGE batch of salad (about double the serving size of the number of guests). We all eat dinner together, then we split the leftovers! :) A lot of fun for everyone! 

I of course had planned a little more than just salad for my contribution. I wanted to give something edible to my girly gang as their favor. An exfoliating Scrub! Now like I told one of my guests on her way out, if she choses not to use it as a scrub she can always put it on a pot and bring it to a boil with some water and make it into a simple syrup and add it to some vodka to make it a girly drink for a different sort of fun ;)

I made 3 "scents"

A pink one that was 

olive oil
dried ground edible rose petals (edible because they are not sprayed with as much/any pesticides that could be harmful for you)
pink sprinkles or a tiny tiny bit of food coloring to make it pink

Ginger powder
Ground fresh ginger
Lemon juice
Coconut oil
Orange extract
Orange sprinkles

Fresh lime juice
Coconut oil
Ground dried ginger
Green sprinkles

I added a square of ribbon to the back to make it cute

Today a few hours before everyone arrived, I made these bites and left them in the fridge with a wet paper towel over them. I saw them on Pinterest as an empty link. But the photo was self explanitory. 

The only thing I did was soak the feta in water (without salt.. so out of its brine) for 24 hours and it was a little less salty making it less of a punch and more of a tickle on your tongue. It also changes the texture a bit. 

I seriously thought they were pretty.The girls seemed to like the flavor combo. I'd say a hit! 

*HINT Make sure your cubes are big enough so that they don't break (see the far right) because putting it into the skewer makes them crack.

Of course there were the decorations

I thought I'd use the pre-salad snacks as decorations

It was fun

I also made some Quinoa fritters. I'll post the recipies in another blog post in detail. They were quite the hit surprisingly. My hubby and daughter don't consider it their favorites, but I love them and every time I serve them at parties, they are very much appreciated. 

I made a couple other "flower arrangements" :D

This year was lots of fun. The girls came over with HUGE batches of salad one more delicious than the other!

Lucie brought her Brussle Sprout Salad. 

Genviève got creative with her salad:


I had my ribbon salad.

Summer Ribbon Salad
Yellow zuccini
green zuccini

olive oil
apple cider vinegar
salt and pepper
fresh dill
lime juice
a yummy mustard

I made a second salad (being the host and all)

Feta Orzo Chickpea Salad
Red oinons
Feta (add feta when pasta is cooled)
fresh mint
salt and pepper

Red wine vinegar
Grated/crushed garlic
Olive oil

Yasi Brought her Quinoa veggie salad

Bell peppers gren, orange, red, yellow
Shreded carrot
Fresh lemon juice
Olive OIl
Salt and Pepper

She usually adds black beans but left it out this time. 

Marilou brought her fabulous Strawberry Motzarella salald

Red peppercorns
Balsamic vinegar
Brocconccini balls
Olive oil

Emilie brought her Sweet Orange and Pomagranate Couscous Salad

Couscous cooked in Orange Juice
(sue used half regular couscous half orange colored couscous, SO pretty!)
Orange zest - Always use Organic because of the 
Olive oil
salt and pepper 

Melanie brought her Mediterainian orzo salad

Green onions
Olive Oil
Salt and pepper

I had a dessert challenge by Emilie and Marilou. Emilie wanted a copycat of some dessert she had at a Montreal restoraunt a while ago. And Marilou - brownies. I made them with my own twist.

I bought my own pound cake from my local bakery... I know  I cut myself a break!

Reduce your balsamic vinegar

Ricotta Cheese
maple syrup
crushed black pepper
olive oil

Strawberry Rhubarb Compote
Fresh Lemon juice
A good amount of crushed black pepper (enough to taste it but not too much to make it spicy)

And the Brownie Bites

Use your favorite brownie recipe
add hzelnuts to the brownies
then as though you are making cake pops, use Nutella instead of frosting. 
Cover in your favorite melted chocolate
Add your favorite sprinkles and