Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Khoresh Ghormesabzi - Persian Green Herb Stew

This is my family's number one dish. Favorite and one of the best my grandfather makes (mind you everything he makes is the best I have ever eaten anywhere). I realized in making it for some friends that now-a-days, nobody actually takes the time to make it from scratch. They either buy the bag of dried herbs and fry it and make it, or they get frozen packets ready made. So to keep the tradition of my grandfather, I have made it from scratch. (also because I had no idea you could do any sort of short cut like the other girls. Go figure) Regardless, I still make it from scratch as you always know the quality of the ingredients you are using.


Eat your spinach "cooked and you'll absorb more calciumiron, and magnesium."

Persian Stew Meat - 1 lb red meat cubes (see recipe for details but basically fry all the below together until nicely golden brown)

Turmeric - .25 teaspoon
Cinnimon - a pinch
salt and pepper to taste
Onion  1 sm/med diced or 2 tablespoons piaz daagh (seperately caramelized onions)

Spinach - 2 large handfuls chopped and fried
Green onions - just the green part 2 bunches minced and fried
Parsley - 3 bunches
Cilantro - 1 bunch
Kidney beans - 1 can rinced
Limoo Omani - Black lime/dried lime 2 or 3 whole poked with a fork all around and 2 tablespoons powedered Limoo Omani.

Serves 4 -6
Takes about 5 hours total


Wash your greens

Chop your greens

you can do this with a food processor, however it needs to be finely chopped not purréed. For some reason it changes the flavor of the stew and the ideal flavor is lost.

Keep your white or in this case purple parts of your green onions to eat raw with your meal once it is ready. YUM!

Fry your greens

Add your Shambalileh (Fenugreek) at the end to hardly fry. 

If you over fry this it will make your whole dish bitter. Usually what I do is put the greens I have fried aside and in the same pan add some more oil,  warm my oil, turn off the stove add my crushed and dried fenugreek while I stur frequently to avoid burning. You smell the nuttiness and take it off right away to avoid bitterness.

Your greens can be chopped fried and frozen to be put aside for quick preparation.

Prepare your khoresh meat and add in with your greens. 

Add about 4 cups of water to your mixture and allow to simmer for at least 3 hours. Once your meat is super tender (you can mush it with the back of your spoon) you know your khoresh is done. Traditionally they say that when the oil separates and floats on the top your khoresh is done, however I have noticed for some reason meat varies from city to city and I cannot always make a standard rule other than my meat smushing to call it a rule. 

Add your Limoo Omanis whole and powdered and stir (dried limes either whole or in powder) AFTER your meat is cooked (I recently learned this from my aunt that the lemon powder prevents the meat to become tender)

Add your Kidney beans at the last hour of simmering so they marry with the other flavors and remain intact. (ja bioftan)

Serve with some white Basmati rice and ENJOY!

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